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EU Delegation Honduras – Strengthening ongoing support for information access

Honduras, July 2017 - Media actors in Honduras were given insights and guidance on how to use data mining techniques to support their journalism thanks to a Media4Democracy training event in July.

EU Delegation The Gambia – supporting media in democratic transition

The Gambia, October 2017 - M4D is supporting the EU Delegation to The Gambia in mapping out the complex information systems that influence free expression, open information and media pluralism in the country.

Boosting Delegation skills for media support and freedom of expression

Brussels, November 2017 - M4D delivered its first training workshop for EU Delegations in Brussels in November, focusing on ways to incorporate media and freedom of expression actions more effectively into EU development programmes.

EU4Democracy campaign makes an impact

Brussels, September 2017 - As part of the EU4Democracy campaign from 15 September to 15 October 2017, Media4Democracy helped develop a package of advocacy materials to support EU Delegation activities.