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EU Human Rights Guidelines on FoE Webinar – Establishing Policy Foundation for EU Delegation and Member States Action

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Brussels, December 2019 – Media4Democracy has launched a Webinar to empower EU Delegations to understand the EU Human Rights Guidelines on Freedom of Expression Online and Offline (the Guidelines) and to operationalise them more effectively in each unique context.

The Guidelines were adopted by the Council of the European Union in 2014 and provide an essential policy foundation for EU Delegations, institutions and Member States to act in third countries to strengthen freedom of expression, media pluralism and access to information. The Guidelines, however, remain little known to EU Delegation staff and Member States, leaving the guidance and operational instructions underutilised.

The Media4Democracy Webinar is designed to address this gap by engaging individual EU Delegations in a live 2-hour session delivered from Brussels based on a core presentation and customised to their country context.

In the November pilot phase, Media4Democracy expert, Ian Noble, delivered three Webinars to Delegations in Africa – Kenya, Uganda and Malawi. During the second phase in December, Media4Democracy is delivering four Webinars to Delegations and Member States in Somalia, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Namibia.

The Webinar includes discussion with participants on critical issues facing journalists and media today. It is designed to be relevant to both political and operational sections of Delegations, and presents activities related to political dialogue, public diplomacy, development cooperation, and engaging media and civil society stakeholders.

To accompany the Webinar, Media4Democracy has produced a Quick Guide for EU Delegations which can be downloaded at the Media4Democracy website: For more information about the Webinar and to enquire about receiving the Webinar in English or French please send an email to