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EU Media Literacy Week 18 – 22 March Considers Issues in EU and Provides Platform for Action for EUDs

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Brussels, March 2019 – Media and Information Literacy (MIL) has become an essential skill for citizens and a prerequisite for an informed and empowered citizenship.  It is also among the central solutions to tackle the spread of disinformation.

In a new EU initiative responding to the importance of MIL in the digital age, the first European Media Literacy Week (EWML) is being marked 18 to 22 March, with a range of European and EU Delegation events shown on the EWML interactive map (

EWML underlines the societal importance of media literacy and promotes media literacy initiatives and projects across the European Union. This too is an opportunity to raise public awareness of the meaning and importance of media literacy that consists of the knowledge, the attitudes, and the sum of the skills needed to know when and what information is needed; where and how to obtain that information; how to evaluate it critically and organise it once it is found; and how to use it in an ethical way.

As these touch on issues highly relevant in third countries, EWML offers an opportunity for EU Delegations to raise awareness of pressing matters relevant in their contexts, while highlighting EU policies to tackle disinformation and broadly promote freedom of expression online and offline.

To provide topical and policy information and support a possible range of actions Delegations can undertake to mark EWML, Media4Democracy has released to EU Delegations an information note ‘Media Literacy in the Context of EU Human Rights and Democracy Support’.

For EU Delegation staff who have not yet received this, please request the information note via email: