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Media4Democracy Podcast Launches – Six Interviews with Global Experts on Confronting the Crisis for Independent Media

Brussels, April 2022 – Media4Democracy and the INTPA G1 Human Rights and Democracy Team today launched the Media4Democracy Podcast – a series of interviews with six leading international experts in the field of media freedom, independence and sustainability.

Media4Democracy Maldives Fellowship Concludes with Significant In-Country Achievements

Malé, December 2021 — Media4Democracy, working with the EU Delegation to Sri Lanka and Maldives, has completed its fourth and final Fellowship Programme to strengthen leaders of media institutions in Maldives.

EUD Colombia Puts to Use Media4Democracy Recommendations on Countering Disinformation in 2022 Colombian Elections

Bogota, December 2021 – Media4Democracy experts briefed representatives of the EU Delegation to Colombia and 11 EU Member States in October 2021 on recommendations for countering the impact of mis-and disinformation in congressional and presidential elections in 2022.

Media & Elections Brochure Released by EUD Congo (Brazzaville) for Media and Other EUDs in Francophone Africa

Brazzaville, November 2021 — The EU Delegation to Congo (Brazzaville) supported by Media4Democracy, has produced a timely brochure – Media and Elections – as a contribution to continuing EU efforts to strengthen the ability of independent media to support free and fair elections.

EU Delegation & Member States Discuss Strengthening Access to Information in Mongolia

Maputo, September 2021 – Media4Democracy, in close collaboration with the EU Delegation to Mozambique, has completed an extensive sequence of activities to support efforts to better align two draft media laws with international standards prior to renewed consideration by the Assembly of the Republic of Mozambique.

M4D & EU Mozambique Respond to Ministry Request to Help Align Draft Laws with International Standards

Maputo, September 2021 – Media4Democracy, in close collaboration with the EU Delegation to Mozambique, has completed an extensive sequence of activities to support efforts to better align two draft media laws with international standards prior to renewed consideration by the Assembly of the Republic of Mozambique.

EU Staff across Latin America and Caribbean Join Session to Operationalise Media4Democracy Handbook on Journalists’ Safety

Latin American & Caribbean (LAC), 10 March 2021 – As media actors across the LAC region confront increasing threats, more than 60 EU staff from regional EU Delegations and HQ participated in a webinar organised by Media4Democracy and INTPA (formerly DEVCO).

Strengthened role of media in peaceful elections focus of seminar convened by EUD Congo (Brazzaville)

Brazzaville, January 2021 – Strengthening the ability of independent media to support fair and peaceful elections was the focus of a 28 January 2021 seminar convened by the EU Delegation to Congo (Brazzaville), with support from Media4Democracy – just weeks before the country holds presidential elections on 21 March.

With growing risks to journalists, EUDs can take actions on International Day to End Impunity – 2 November

Brussels, October 2020 – The International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists (IDEI) will be marked 2 November amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, a period in which threats and detentions of journalists have increased as governments across continents strive to restrict open reporting or blame journalists for the flow of misinformation.

Chiara Adamo of DEVCO & Journalist Maria Ressa Open Launch of EUD Handbook on Protecting Journalists

Global, 20 October 2020 — Chiara Adamo, Head of Unit DEVCO B1, and the distinguished Filipino/American journalist Maria Ressa opened the formal launch of the Media4Democracy EU Delegation Handbook: Protecting Safety of Journalists, Protecting Freedom of Expression.

Fourth M4D Fellowship Launches Online with Media Institutional Leaders in Maldives, Adjusting to COVID Travel Restrictions

Copenhagen/Maldives/Sri Lanka, September 2020 – Media4Democracy has launched the fourth round of its Fellowship programme – Strengthening Institutional Leaders in Support of Media Pluralism – with the EU Delegation to Sri Lanka and Maldives, having made significant COVID-context adaptations.

M4D Releases EU Delegation Handbook on Journalists’ Safety As COVID Pandemic Exacerbates Global Threats

Brussels, July 2020 – Media4Democracy has released a comprehensive guide to assist EU Delegations and EU Member States in protecting the safety of journalists and other media actors in diverse contexts, at a time when the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic are exacerbating existing threats to freedom of expression around the world.

M4D Brings together Four Fellowship Cohorts and EUDs with Webinars on Crisis for Media during COVID-19

Brussels, June 2020 – Media4Democracy convened a series of live webinars for past and current Fellows of its Strengthening Institutions in Support of Media Pluralism Fellowship Programme.

M4D Launches Expert Webinars for EU Delegations – Defending Media During COVID-19 Pandemic

Brussels, May 2020 – Media4Democracy launched a series of meet-the-expert webinars – Defending Independent Media During COVID-19 – for EU Delegations to learn about and discuss threats to independent media and freedom of expression, which are greatly exacerbated during the pandemic. 

EU Delegations Encouraged to Take WPFD 2020 Online During COVID Pandemic

Brussels, 3 May 2020 – EU Delegations marking World Press Freedom Day (WPFD) 2020 amidst the global coronavirus pandemic were encouraged to support activities online, at a time when many countries are in lockdown or operating under strict social distancing orders.

Kyrgyz Republic Fellows Implement In-Country Projects to Strengthen Media Pluralism

Kyrgyz Republic, April 2020 – Five Media4Democracy Fellows have made significant progress in implementing new initiatives – both individually and collectively – and have introduced changes within their own media organisations to promote independent and plural media in Kyrgyzstan.

EU Fighting Disinformation Essential, as Coronavirus Delays EU Media Literacy Week 2020

Brussels, March 2020 – The European Union fight against disinformation and associated support for Media Literacy is essential, as the world confronts the coronavirus pandemic and the spread of associated disinformation flooding social media and the internet.

EUD to Sri Lanka and Maldives selects Fellows for M4D programme strengthening media institutions and pluralism in Maldives

Brussels, 23 February 2020 – Six Fellows from Maldives have been selected for the fourth round of M4D’s Fellowship programme that aims to empower future leaders of institutions that underpin media pluralism.

Strengthening Access to Information in Mongolia – Media4Democracy Launches EU Delegation Technical Assistance

Brussels, February 2020 – M4D has launched technical assistance to the EU Delegation to Mongolia to support access to information as fundamental to freedom of expression and media pluralism and in support of strengthening democracy and development.

Media4Democracy and EU Global Staff Discuss Confronting Threats to Independent Media and Freedom of Expression

Brussels, 12 – 13 February 2020 – M4D and EU staff responsible for strengthening human rights and democracy met in Brussels to discuss how EU Delegations can confront threats to independent media and freedom of expression, particularly in the context of digitalisation.

Strengthening EU Delegations’ Protection of Journalists in Latin America – M4D Launches Technical Assistance with Meetings in Brussels

Brussels, 5 – 7 February 2020 – Media4Democracy has launched a package of technical assistance for EU Delegations to strengthen the safety and security of journalists in Latin America, a region where journalists and other media actors are under extreme threat in many countries.

EU Human Rights Guidelines on FoE Webinar – Establishing Policy Foundation for EU Delegation and Member States Action

Brussels, December 2019 – Media4Democracy has launched a Webinar to empower EU Delegations to understand the EU Human Rights Guidelines on Freedom of Expression Online and Offline and to operationalise them more effectively in each unique context.

Strengthening FoE and Media Institutions in Sri Lanka and Maldives – Parallel Country Assessments, EUD Training and Planning

Sri Lanka, November 2019 – Media4Democracy carried out a two-week mission to Sri Lanka in October identifying ways the EU Delegation can help strengthen freedom of expression there, and to work with the EU Delegation to finalising parallel work already underway for Maldives.

Fellowship Strengthening Media Institutions in Support of Media Pluralism In-Country Results from Rwanda

Rwanda, November 2019 – Media4Democracy completed in August a second, six-month Fellowship programme that provided training and mentoring to leaders of media institutions in Rwanda.

Strengthening Gender Equality through Media in Burkina Faso: M4D and the EUD bring together Government, Member States, Media and CSOs

Burkina Faso, October 2019 – In a sequence of meetings, M4D Experts led stakeholder discussions and supported the Delegation to Burkina Faso and Member States to review recommended actions to strengthen media in support of gender equality in the country.

Field Visit to Comoros to Engage Media Sector Concludes – Working with EUD to Madagascar and Comoros

Comoros, September 2019 – Media4Democracy has completed a two-week mission to the Union of Comoros, mapping the media sector to identify ways to strengthen freedom of expression and promote media development.

Media4Democracy Kicks-Off its Third Round of Fellowship with Leaders in Media Organisations from Kyrgyzstan

Copenhagen, September 2019 – Five Fellows from Kyrgyzstan are starting a fellowship programme in Denmark. The programme aims to build their skills to serve as change agents to strengthen media pluralism and freedom of expression in their home country.

Closing Programme: Media4Democracy Fellows Meet Ambassador to EUD to Rwanda

Rwanda, August 2019 – The EU Ambassador to Rwanda, Nicola Bellomo, met with five Media4Democracy Fellows at the close of a programme designed to strengthen them as leaders of institutions promoting media pluralism in Rwanda.

Media4Democracy Showcases its Work at EU Cooperation Days 2019

Brussels, May 2019 – Media4Democracy showcased its work at EU Cooperation Days 2019 where Senior Cooperation Officers from EU Delegations worldwide as well as NEAR and DEVCO Headquarter staff came to Brussels to address this year’s theme ‘Delivering what we promised and preparing for the future’.

Media4Democracy Completes Maldives Media Assessment to Strengthen Freedom of Expression and Democracy

Maldives, May 2019 – Media4Democracy has completed a two-week in-field assessment of the Maldives media sector.

World Press Freedom Day 3 May – How Disinformation Challenges Elections and Democracy

Brussels, May 2019 – WPFD marked globally on 3 May focuses on ‘Media for Democracy: Journalism and Elections in Times of Disinformation’. The theme selected by UNESCO for the 26th annual WPFD addresses the current challenges faced by media – offline and online.

Rwandan Media Leaders Complete M4D Fellowship in Copenhagen

Denmark, April 2019 – Five young leaders of media institutions in Rwanda have completed an intensive fellowship programme in Copenhagen and returned home to apply their new skills as the country marks the 25th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide.

Media4Democracy and EU Delegations Explore Importance of Access to Information

Brussels, March 2019 – M4D met with representatives of more than 20 Delegations to discuss the importance of access to information during the annual EIDHR Focal Point meeting in Brussels.

EUD to Malaysia Hosts Stakeholders Meet on Media and Gender Empowerment

Malaysia, March 2019 – The EUD to Malaysia with M4D marked International Women’s Day 2019 by convening a cross-sectoral meeting in Kuala Lumpur considering actions that can be taken at the convergence of media support and strengthening of gender equality.

EU Media Literacy Week 18 – 22 March Considers Issues in EU and Provides Platform for Action for EUDs

Brussels, March 2019 – Media and Information Literacy has become an essential skill for citizens and a prerequisite for an informed and empowered citizenship. It is also among the central solutions to tackle the spread of disinformation.

Political Economy Assessment Provides EUD Access Points to Fortify Independent Media in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyz Republic, March 2019 – M4D completed work to identify ways to strengthen freedom of expression and independent media in Kyrgyzstan, a country with comparatively pluralistic media within Central Asia, yet restricted by lingering media institutional, professionalism and financial challenges.

Tanzanian Fellows Return to Strengthen Cross Media Sector Collaboration Supporting Media Pluralism after Intensive Course in Copenhagen

Tanzania, February 2019 – Four leaders of media institutions have completed an intensive fellowship, building their knowledge and skills to serve as change agents to strengthen media pluralism in Tanzania, in an environment where the space for free media is shrinking.

Rwandan Media Leaders Join M4D Fellowship to Strengthen Institutions Supporting Media Pluralism

Rwanda, March 2019 – Five Rwandan media professionals identified a