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Strengthening Access to Information in Mongolia – Media4Democracy Launches EU Delegation Technical Assistance

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Brussels, February 2020 – Media4Democracy has launched technical assistance to the EU Delegation to Mongolia to support access to information (ATI) as fundamental to freedom of expression and media pluralism and in support of the broad goals of strengthening human rights, democracy and development.

Senior Media4Democracy Expert Bill Orme assisted by Junior Expert Angela Weis are working with the EU Delegation to Mongolia to strengthen ATI in context more specifically to build good governance and improve media ability to fight corruption and monitor government revenues.

In Mongolia, freedom of opinion and expression and the rights to information and to publish are guaranteed in the Constitution and in different laws which are designed to maintain government transparency and accountability. Yet, the implementation and enforcement of these laws has been inconsistent. In some cases, ATI transparency laws have been misused to bring liable cases against media resulting in self-censorship to avoid offending political or business interest, or fines.

A Media4Demcoracy country-specific assessment is now being completed with tailored recommendations for EU Delegation priorities and actions. In April, the team will travel to Ulaanbaatar for sessions to expand EU Delegation and Member States knowledge of contextual dynamics and general good practice and to flag critical priorities in country. Other sessions will strive to enhance government involvement and to support EU Delegation and Member State engagement with media and civil society on core issues and potential networked actions.

This work builds on Media4Democracy-developed ATI materials and past activity, including Strengthening Access to Information: A Practical Guide for EU Delegations.

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