Promoting laws and practices that protect Freedom of Expression

Involves promoting laws and practices that protect freedom of opinion and expression.


  • Monitoring and reporting.
  • Encourage partner countries to initiate legislative changes for FoE.
  • Public statements in reaction to legislative changes that harm FoE.
  • Engagement with UN agencies, forums and support for UN agenda.
  • Adherence to recommendations of the Council of Europe and UNESCO on media and internet freedom.
  • Financial and technical assistance to candidate countries.
  • Engagement with UN special rapporteur on FoE, as well as AU, OAS, OSCE and OIC.
  • Encourage implementation of ECtHR rulings.
  • Promote implementation of the guidance for ICT/telecommunications companies on business and human rights.
  • Provide technical assistance to third countries for legislative reform.Facilitate exchange of good practices with third countries for legislative reform.
  • Capacity Building of human rights defenders, journalists, media actors.