What we do

We enhance the European Union Delegations’ implementation of the EU Human Rights Guidelines on Freedom of Expression Online and Offline.
With free expression and open media increasingly under pressure, we support EU efforts to strengthen these fundamental drivers of democracy.
We help Delegations identify, design and take appropriate actions, while developing near-, medium and long-term strategies, including as part of strategic cooperation development programmes.

Media4Democracy supports the full spectrum of European Union Delegations’ efforts in the field, through context analysis, targeted training, strategic advocacy and media sector engagement, project design and near-term implementation. Technical assistance supports EU Delegations with near-, medium, and long-term coherent planning, including the integration of freedom of expression and media support into ongoing strategic planning.

Media4Democracy delivers to EU Delegations with pre-defined global or regional trainings, targeted skill building, and ongoing support for advocacy work and a range of materials. Fellowship programmes work with media actors to build the context-specific skills needed to operate as change agents and media industry leaders.

Thematic Focus

Media4Democracy addresses all topics covered by the EU Guidelines, but focuses on:
• Access to Information: